We Are Change Distributing Disinformation

May 28, 2008

UPDATE: Judging from the flurry of emails this report has stirred amongst the WACkos, it would be an understatement to say they are concerned, very concerned, as their credibility sinks even lower.

sharp eyed forum poster over at the Mark Thomas forum has spotted the WACoks distributing a flyer filled with factual errors. He notes:

1st mistake, Pentagon and Boeing 757 models not to scale in diagram 1 of Pentagon claim.

2nd mistake, allegation that the Pentagon had an interception system. It was in the direct flight path of Regan international airport, an anti aircraft system in the flight path of a major international airport would be a very silly idea.

3rd mistake “the lawn and oddly no wreckage. The building collapsed later” In the picture chosen for their diagram there had already been a collapse! 


4th mistake, its not the nose which penetrated the C ring into the courtyard of the Pentagon, but the heavy nose wheel from the undercarriage. 

5th mistake, not mentioning that the Rolls Royce contact in question (John W Brown) works at the USA division (formerly Allison engines at Indianapolis) which makes AE3007H engines for the global hawk spy drone, and has no involvement with the RB211 engine series (as used by the American Airlines 757 fleet) – which is manufactured in the UK at Derby.

There are of course many many more mistakes in this error laden piece of propaganda, but perhaps they could make a start by correcting the first five errors ?


You can find a copy of the flyer here, but be quick, the WACoks are sure to remove it now they have been rumbled.

The Incredible Shrinking Movement

May 25, 2008

How many truthers does it take to change a … forum?

As we reported here, 2 sides of the truth movement were headed for battle over nineeleven.co.uk. A vote was held by 41 committee members to decide the future of the forum. The results? A draw.

So now Mr. Gosling and Mr. Beckett will each get a copy of the nineeleven.co.uk database to run on seperate web sites – 911forum.org.uk with Gosling and truthforum.co.uk with Beckett.

Double the truthy goodness.

Out of the 41 people who were eligible to vote, only 8 could be bothered. If only 8 people can be arsed to send an email, how many do you expect will be traveling to Bristol for the upcoming truth movement AGM?

OFFICIAL: Brian Gerrish – Closet 911 Truther

May 24, 2008

Speaking with ‘Mr. Common Purpose’ aka Brian Gerrish, Truth Watch UK can officially reveal the man has jumped in at the deepend, he told us:

They are many strange things going on in the world at the moment and they are part of a conspiracy. CP is a tool of that conspiracy.

Personally I believe that 911 was orchestrated by the Bush government and its agents and I also believe that the 7/7 London bombings were facilitated by the Blair government and its agents.

I do not make this statement lightly and have spent a considerable amount of time looking at the evidence which has been made public.

Having said that I do not feel the need to discuss this type of thing alongside CP.

There goes any chance of anti Common Purpose campaigners creating a credible campaign.

But the Truthers are jumping for joy as they’ve got at least one new convert this year. Kudos.

Truthers Caught Red Handed

May 12, 2008

Over on nineeleven.co.uk, Ian Neal states “What a bizarre set of claims” in response to one of our reports here.

So here’s the edivence for you.

The entire emails which most of the report is based on (and includes messages from some of your favourite truthers including Ian Neal, Annie Machon and Andy Baker) and a screen print of the 911 Truth Committee list, with the names of the innocent blurred, can be found here to prove the involvement of We Are Change – something they strongly deny.

You see truthers? We’re not making things up – you really are being lied to, but of course most of you won’t mind.

11th Day Action (May)

May 11, 2008


The WACko/Highgate Hub Connection

May 3, 2008

In an open letter to Indymedia, We Are Change recently denied being associated with the “911 Inside Job” crowd. Indymedia hid the letter which prevents it from being found in search engines. However, take a look at this image.

The original can be found here

As you can see we have only altered the image slightly for comedic value. That really is members of We Are Change holding a “September 11th was a Scam!!” banner with the groups web site address.

The open letter which claims the WACkos have never made bold statements about what happened on 911 also fails to mention that at least four WACkos are committee members of the 911 “Truth” Campaign. Obtaining the complete list of all committee members wasn’t easy, but we did it.

The WACkos who sit on the 911 “Truth” Campaign committee are; Dean Puckett, Andy Baker, Toseef Fayaz and Stefan S.

And it seems the 911 “Truth” Campaign is breaking its own rules for the WACkos. According to the 911 “Truth” Campaign rules each regional group has 1 representative on the committee. All four of these WACkos live in London. Hmm.

The Highgate Hub Connection

Ian Neal, Noel Glynn, Annie Machon and Belinda McKenzie also appear on the list and also happen to live in London. This brings our total of 911 “Truth” Campaign committee members living in London to 8, at least.

Some Truthers have realised what is going on but those who publicly question the motives of Annie Machon, their leader, are expelled not only from the Highgate Hub but from the entire “Truth” Movement.

During email correspondence with the Highgate Hub an ex-truther – who will remain anonymous, once proposed “a new policy of greater disclosure in this London 911 Truth Group. The antidote to infiltrators is not more secrecy, but more honesty and openness.

“Nearly every significant person in the entire UK 911 Truth Movement has passed through one central hub in Highgate at one time or another – The home of Belinda, Annie and David (previously).

“And now there is a lot of U.S. traffic passing through too. This raises a red flag for me. Not to point fingers, but NO-ONE should be above suspicion. The events don’t really make money, yet there are always funds when it comes to wooing significant major players on the 911 scene.”

Speaking about some of the tactics used to control communications (those looking at MWH might want to take note), Anonymous said “I watched while one by one people were eliminated from lists, etc. You have to practically fight or beg if you want to stay on a list. I hear this all the time. It looks to me like all the dividing and conquering has already been done.”

In the emails Anonymous mentions Machon consistently used the term “general consensus” to get her own way, implying the majority of campaigners supported her ideas. But Machon repeatedly failed to provide names or any evidence to support these claims.

It’s not the first time she has been caught fibbing http://www.911cultwatch.org.uk/911cult_006.htm and as usual Machon still refuses to provide answers to this day.

Oh and the response from Highgate Hub?

“You are talking shite and wasting our time”

A “Truth” movement lead by liars, what else needs to be said?

OK maybe this from Anonymous “The irony is, there is all this talk about the NWO, the elite, the secret society, George Bush, the Neo-cons etc. And no one has noticed the obvious parallels. The group is not flat, nor is it inclusive. There is a lot of secrecy. There are a privileged few. There is an elite. They do sometimes meet in secret. There is centralised control. The workers are kept too busy to think. There is no time for dissent. The task at hand is all important.”

Highgate Hub /We Are Change/London 911 “Truth”/Make Wars History, whatever it’s calling itself this week, should think twice before it attempts to mislead the public again. We’ll be watching.

Disclaimer: The identity of ‘Anonymous’ will never be revealed by Truth Watch UK as we obtained these emails via a third party. We will not publish these emails in their entirety without consent and will remove all quotes from ‘Anonymous’ on request.

May The Farce Be With You

April 22, 2008

The saga continues.

Voting has begun on the future of nineeleven.co.uk – just one problem, it appears they forgot to send the proposals to the 41 people who will be making the decision. But that hasn’t stopped them from voting.

For reasons that cannot be explained, forum controllers have decided to hide the identity of Anthony Beckett from the West Yorkshire Truth Campaign who is challenging Tony Gosling’s position.

Lets have a look at each contender:

Anthony Beckett – View his presenation about aliens and life on Mars. Mr Beckett is a dreaded ‘no-planer’ and is open to the ‘reptilian agenda’.

Tony Gosling – Listen to his presenation about secret societies. Mr Gosling runs Bilderberg.org and is a member of the NUJ. Mr Gosling has been busy removing anti-semitic material from the forum, strange for a Truther but could be argued that it makes him a slightly more credible candidate.

But would this comittee member prefer aliens and TV fakery?

Tony, it is time to wake up and see how much this site has gone downhill under your command. There used to be loads of posts every day but now this has gone down to single figures. Many regulars have left. You let your beliefs get in the way and that is no way to run a form. You call yourself the Editor, yet forums do not have editors. You have started PM’ing users complaining of some sort of conspiracy against you. As a member of the comittee I have unfortunately had to receive far too many complaints about the way you run the forum. You took a unilateral decision on the new domain name and forum and this is not how democracy works. The NeoCons at leats allow an election, even if they do fix it.

Andrew Baker – “Hay Mr can I have a go on your hat?”

Maybe we should all take leasons from the NeoCons? Yum.

The domain name (911forum.org.uk) he refers to is privately registered by Gosling. We’re thinking about buying truthwatchuk.co.uk but maybe we should seek Mr Baker’s permission first.

It should be noted that while the nineeleven.co.uk forum is still a safe haven for the mentally ill, it has come a long way since the days of verbal attacks on the likes of Jon Ronson and Rachel North. Well almost.

Since Gosling took control it has become a virtually ‘no-planer’ free zone and anti-semitic material is being forced out, which has to be commended.

Either way, the forum will continue to cause Truthers to fight amongst themselves… which is most entertaining.

Truther Begs To Be Left Alone

April 22, 2008

We Are Change Truther muppet and “I’m a troofer, woops no I’m not, wait, yes I am”, Stefan S, has published a begging letter to the 9/11 Cult Watch team requesting they “cease slurring the group Make Wars History”.

Now we’ve been following 9/11 Cult Watch for some time and as far as I can tell they have never mentioned the Make Wars History cult on the Cult Watch Blog. And if the Cult Watch team have made comments elsewhere about the MWH cult, how dare Stef think he can tell them what they can and cannot comment on.

As you’d expect Stef’s statement is filled with contradictions.

First he states:

Your group has tried to imply that Make Wars History is a “new front” for 9/11 Truth, you suggest it is to make the group more saleable – it is nothing of the sort.

But continues to say:

A lot of members of the group also question the events of 9/11, this much is true. There is a very logical reason for this. As you well know (or should after years of single minded obsession with the group) 9/11 Truth is steadfastly against illegal aggressive wars as almost every sane person is. Having been continually insulted, shunned and briefed against by the “big” anti-war groups is it any surprise so many of us have got behind Chris Coverdale when he is willing to accept our support and work with us? Stop the War could have had this all along, but its hierarchy have made it more than clear that if you question the official story of 9/11 you are not welcome.

The attempt to turn anti-war activism into a pissing contest while attacking the Stop the War Colation isn’t going to do him any favours.

The MWH cult might have a new name but it shares the same mentality as the old cult. Of course it would, it’s run by the same people.

He desperately pleads:

Machon is just one of many people involved – leave the rest of us alone.

It seems this Truther is prepared to offer up Machon as a sacrificial lamb after spending years following her orders.

Maybe if Stef wasn’t spending so long organising meetings that are dominated by topics such as the Illuminati, Zionism and “9/11 Inside Job” his begging letter would be taken a little more seriously.

Stef has just exposed the cult’s desperate need for approval.

Thanks Stef, you’re making our job a lot easier.

UPDATE: Larry O’Hara and Paul Scott demolish Stef and make him look like the fool he is.

11th Day Action (April)

April 11, 2008

Heeeere’s Jimmy!

April 10, 2008

EDIT: As it turns out, the majority of UK Truthers are not yet aware of the developments mentioned in this report as they have not yet been formally announced by ‘Da Committee’ . It seems Truth Watch UK is more informed about the “Truth” movement than it’s hardcore followers.
Who would have thunk it?

Word reaches us that madman millionaire, Jimmy Walter, is back on the UK Truth scene to help mobilise the failing movement. We last saw Jimmy back in 2005 with David ‘The Messiah’ Shayler during a 9/11 Truth European tour which breifly stumbled into the UK attracting around 600 people at both venues.

Not bad, but no Truther event in Britiain, apart from David ‘The Messiah’ Icke, has managed to pull numbers anywhere near that figure in the last three years.

But don’t worry Truthers, Jimmy has a plan. One of his web sites, www.reopen911.org, will take on ‘national chapters’ forming branches of reopen911.org web sites ending with a .uk, .de or .it suffix to help the franchise expand across Europe.

And ‘ex’ MI5 officer, Annie Machon, also has a plan… to make some cash. She states “Such a website and campaign could attract backing from people with money, which it could only do if it could avoid controversies”. Hmm, now call me misguided but isn’t claiming that “9/11 was an inside job” controversial?

We should also point out that Jimmy Walter funded the production and distribution of a free DVD, In Plane Site, which is (even in conspiracy circles) regarded as misinformation as it promotes the ‘pod and missile theory‘. Good luck avoiding those controversies Truthers.

You can see Jimmy in full swing here on the ‘Penn & Teller: Bullshit!‘ show.

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? Because 9/11 Was An Inside Job

Cluck off Jimmy.