May The Farce Be With You

The saga continues.

Voting has begun on the future of – just one problem, it appears they forgot to send the proposals to the 41 people who will be making the decision. But that hasn’t stopped them from voting.

For reasons that cannot be explained, forum controllers have decided to hide the identity of Anthony Beckett from the West Yorkshire Truth Campaign who is challenging Tony Gosling’s position.

Lets have a look at each contender:

Anthony Beckett – View his presenation about aliens and life on Mars. Mr Beckett is a dreaded ‘no-planer’ and is open to the ‘reptilian agenda’.

Tony Gosling – Listen to his presenation about secret societies. Mr Gosling runs and is a member of the NUJ. Mr Gosling has been busy removing anti-semitic material from the forum, strange for a Truther but could be argued that it makes him a slightly more credible candidate.

But would this comittee member prefer aliens and TV fakery?

Tony, it is time to wake up and see how much this site has gone downhill under your command. There used to be loads of posts every day but now this has gone down to single figures. Many regulars have left. You let your beliefs get in the way and that is no way to run a form. You call yourself the Editor, yet forums do not have editors. You have started PM’ing users complaining of some sort of conspiracy against you. As a member of the comittee I have unfortunately had to receive far too many complaints about the way you run the forum. You took a unilateral decision on the new domain name and forum and this is not how democracy works. The NeoCons at leats allow an election, even if they do fix it.

Andrew Baker – “Hay Mr can I have a go on your hat?”

Maybe we should all take leasons from the NeoCons? Yum.

The domain name ( he refers to is privately registered by Gosling. We’re thinking about buying but maybe we should seek Mr Baker’s permission first.

It should be noted that while the forum is still a safe haven for the mentally ill, it has come a long way since the days of verbal attacks on the likes of Jon Ronson and Rachel North. Well almost.

Since Gosling took control it has become a virtually ‘no-planer’ free zone and anti-semitic material is being forced out, which has to be commended.

Either way, the forum will continue to cause Truthers to fight amongst themselves… which is most entertaining.


17 Responses to May The Farce Be With You

  1. Larry O'Hara says:

    Gosling’s attempts to downgrade overt anti-semitism are too little too late–and he is still obsessed with Israel, as his thread on Mossad using Holocaust Denial arguments to cover up 9/11 shows. Congratulations on an entertaining blog by the way…

  2. greengorilla47 says:

    That’s not quite true about Gosling hiding the threads. Ian Neal unlocked them again & made them public.

    Gosling, of course, is an out-and-out dictator. He’s suspended me for a week for calling him a fascist! I was being kind: he’s a Christian Fundamentalist Nazi. The sad thing is where Ian Neal is a decent sort of guy, when Gosling got the job that gave the green light to illiterates and all manner of low life headed by him.

    The Gosling-run Forum isn’t even about 911. To belong to it you have to be a fully paid-up member of UKIP. It helps if the kind of rabid nationailst you are is seen to be frothing at the mouth. It’s been taken over by loonies.

  3. Rob Johnson says:

    The problem with the 911 Forum is that the very last thing it is concerned about is truth. The vocal minority that runs it are nationalist Little Englanders with left-wing pretensions. This group of xenophobes are led by a little Hitler, Gosling.

    Some people think that Gosling is an MI5 stooge. I think that’s crediting this moron with far more intelligence than he has. He’s an idiot and a liability. At the moment he’s going berserk, expelling people left right and centre.

    What must Neal have been thinking when he appointed Gosling? Neal might be a nice guy but he’s also naive with it. If he had wanted to finish off this forum of nutters he couldn’t have made a better choice!

  4. greengorilla47 says:

    Rob Johnson has got his finger on the pulse when he calls Gosling a little Hitler. In fact, one that is now trying to conduct a Putsch to take over a Forum from a place where he had been appointed Administrator on a temporary three month probation. He failed that probation miserably at which point he should have been peremptorily shown the door.

    Instead a ballot was called for and now that appears to have been abandoned and the decision of future management put off until the July AGM! In the meantime, Gosling is being allowed to continue his reign of terror the net result being that the UK 911 Forum will wither and die.

    As I warned the National Committee and “interested parties” (amongst which I am not considered to be one so elitist is the thinking) Gosling’s role as a wrecker has been so successful that not even MI5 could have done better … if they had really cared.

  5. Rob Johnson says:

    No, Greengorilla, that’s not going t happen now. The latest idea is to copy the existing site onto two sites, one administered by Beckett and the other by Gosling. It will be up to each to run their sites as they choose and for both to stand or fall.

    Gosling has bullied everyone to get his way and to get himself some credibility (for lack of a better word) by inheriting the old forum. From thence it’ll all be downhill or rather down to hell, I would expect.

    In this way the innate schizophrenia of the UK 911 Movement is now being institutionalised, giving this blog more cranky material for the future than it might be able to handle!

  6. greengorilla47 says:

    So the Forum is going to divide like an amoeba and replicate itself as two separate versions? Well, that’s exactly what I warned would happen if Gosling was allowed to bully and manoeuvre others to serve his will, Now watch the competition between two versions of ‘911 Truth’! If the spooks had cared they couldn’t have done it better than Gosling!

    Something odd about him: the guy’s an ex-BBC reporter, we’re told, He runs a website seeking to expose the New World Order and the Bilderberg Group with which he appears to be obsessed to the exclusion of all else, especially the Rockefeller-funded Trilateral Commission which he never mentions. Ask him why and he won’t answer.

    I have studied the TC and know that whereas in the USA where there is a greater plurality of views the Trilats are themselves subject to criticism and exposure, in Europe this is not so where the mainstream media is more effectively muzzled. Being ex-BBC Tony would probably know this. The BBC never reports on the Trilats. So is this why he keeps schtum on the TC? And if so just what is it that keeps him from reporting on an organisation which, if anything, is far bigger and more influential than the Bilderbergers?

    What’s Mr Gosling hiding?

  7. LaLA Land says:

    All very interesting but do try to resist the temptation to make things up, orotherwise your own credibility may come into question – the BBC have reported on Trilaterals:

  8. greengorilla47 says:

    Gosling’s going berserk. He’s just banned me from his Forum for comparing him to Hitler & circulating this email:

    “Dear Tony,

    I saw you on Youtube recently impersonating Louis de Funes so I thought I’d send you a copy. Auf wiedersehen!

    xXx Greengorilla”

  9. greengorilla47 says:

    I didn’t make things up. That was the first report I have seen where the BBC mentions the Trilateralists which it calls a ‘security organisation’ when in fact it’s much more.

    Anyone wishing to find out more should first read Holly Sklar’s seminal book on trilateralism, The Trilateral Commission and Elite Planning for World Management (South End Press)


    You won’t hear the BBC mention any of this.

  10. greengorilla47 says:

    BTW LalaLand, the trilateral commission the BBC mentions in that report has nothing to do with Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission. Read it properly & you will see why.

  11. zArk says:

    can you specify what you mean by calling Anthony Beckett a ‘no-planer’. I have searched a few websites and find no reference or statement by Backett suggesting he is a ‘no planer’.

    Do you mean that he disagrees with the Pentagon 9/11 Official story and flight 93 ?


    He states that there were no hijacked planes on 9/11?

    the phrase no planer is commonly used to the latter, not the former.


  12. maestro says:

    Not sure what he banned me for or was it john white? Fortunately there are other forums to get the real 911 truth out where you can post about no planes,dr judy wood stuff,no molten metal and directed energy weapons bringing down the twin towers without having to worry about getting banned or posts deleted…long live freedom of speech Mr Gosling!

  13. masonfree party says:

    eh maestro…wonder how long your post will stay up?

  14. masonfree party says:

    fuckin moderating bastards on here too…probably Gosling behind it…cunt!

  15. Truth Watch UK says:

    You dumb bastards.

  16. […] we reported here, 2 sides of the truth movement were headed for battle over A vote was held by […]

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