We Are Change Distributing Disinformation

UPDATE: Judging from the flurry of emails this report has stirred amongst the WACkos, it would be an understatement to say they are concerned, very concerned, as their credibility sinks even lower.

sharp eyed forum poster over at the Mark Thomas forum has spotted the WACoks distributing a flyer filled with factual errors. He notes:

1st mistake, Pentagon and Boeing 757 models not to scale in diagram 1 of Pentagon claim.

2nd mistake, allegation that the Pentagon had an interception system. It was in the direct flight path of Regan international airport, an anti aircraft system in the flight path of a major international airport would be a very silly idea.

3rd mistake “the lawn and oddly no wreckage. The building collapsed later” In the picture chosen for their diagram there had already been a collapse! 


4th mistake, its not the nose which penetrated the C ring into the courtyard of the Pentagon, but the heavy nose wheel from the undercarriage. 

5th mistake, not mentioning that the Rolls Royce contact in question (John W Brown) works at the USA division (formerly Allison engines at Indianapolis) which makes AE3007H engines for the global hawk spy drone, and has no involvement with the RB211 engine series (as used by the American Airlines 757 fleet) – which is manufactured in the UK at Derby.

There are of course many many more mistakes in this error laden piece of propaganda, but perhaps they could make a start by correcting the first five errors ?


You can find a copy of the flyer here, but be quick, the WACoks are sure to remove it now they have been rumbled.

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