New Truth DVD!

April 8, 2008

Truther Demo

April 8, 2008

Just because we’re reptilian agents of the Illuminati, it doesn’t mean we can’t have a larf does it?

Truther Threatens To Breach Indymedia Security

April 7, 2008

Indymedia Truther troll, ‘Messy’, makes a threat to breach Indymedia security and reveal the identity of those who challenge his/her conspiracy theories.

I have a wee macro that can help me identify people posting under multiple names on a thread. …

Do you want to confess which names here were actually just you ? It is probably much better for you to admit that rather than have me prove it.

Surely these Truthers do not believe they are above Indymedia guidelines?

UK’s Largest Truther Refuge To Close

April 7, 2008

But will re-open under new name

So it appears it could be game over for the UK’s largest Truther community. At the hands of domain name owner, Simon Aronowitz, the web site faces closure on June 15 2008.

But before you start jumping for joy, it doesn’t end there.

Following on from Internet discussions, a short notice meeting was held on March 15 in London at the ‘Highgate Hub’ and as expected the turn out was very low with just 15 or 16 attendees.

Instead of my own account here’s a snippet from the meeting minutes posted on a part of the forum they don’t want you to see:

Taken from:

There were 4 ‘hats in the ring’ to take over editorial control: Tony Gosling, Andrew Johnson, Anthony Beckett and Paul Wright (dh).

OK, we now have four Truthers competing for control of;

  • Tony Gosling– Webmaster of and is somewhat involved with Indymedia Bristol.
  • Andrew Johnson– ‘No-planer’ and Chemtrail hunter extraordinaire.
  • Anthony Beckett – UFO researcher.
  • Paul Wright aka ’dh’ – Can be heard screaming “9/11 was an Inside Job” on Indymedia every full-moon.

It should be noted that most of the names mentioned above believe the World is controlled by Reptilian aliens. A little bird tells me that Tony Gosling and Anthony Beckett are favourites and will face a head-to-head battle.

Now enter That’s right, despite numerous arguments about the future of the web site and a blind unwillingness to accept what must be done, the entire database will be shipped off to a new destination very shortly.

Campaign Secretary, Stefan Souppouris, even suggests that Chrisc might take charge of their web development needs. Apparently the Campaign Secretary does not object to extremist behaviour. But oh wait! Souppouris appears to be a member of same cult as Chrisc. Now that explains it.

Silly Souppouris also believes ”changing the name” would magically solve all the problems.

He asks:

Why is this forum seen as the campaign website and what do we need to do to change this?

He then answers his own question with (we have not edited or corrected his grammar):

Because 9/11 is in the title and it is the first page to appear when you goggle “9/11 UK”. When it was called “Peacing it Together” and if it were to be called anything else “The Bigger Picture and The Quest for Truth” for example, it still would have been the first thing thing google threw up with the search – but it would not appear to be an explicitly 9/11 based site and therefore would not be assumed to be the UK 9/11 Truth site – the explanation could even explain it was a forum concerned with 9/11 and the context it sat in the world – it would still be “safe”.

In three words: “Change The Name”

This is pure Truther incompetence at its best. Maybe our article will help him to figure it out. Learning a little history about your own movement goes a long way… keep reading.

Another conspiraloon points out:

Firstly I don’t think that we should be debating this important issue and exposing our organisational weaknesses on a public forum.

Thanks for the heads up! The thread was promptly locked and the discussion moved to a private section of the forum.

Now let me explain something. The debate is in fact about two web sites; the first ‘unofficial’ forum and a second ‘official’ site

Here’s a quick history lesson for you. Despite being controlled by a single group the Truthers continue to deny that both sites are connected. was in fact established as the home of ‘The British 9/11 Truth Campaign’ (see the Internet Archive). After the forum received much criticism for it’s tolerance of racism, even wilder conspiracy theories and attacks on each other, it was deemed necessary to re-brand the web site and embrace all the craziness the little guys could muster.

A new web site was created ( and named as the ‘official’ one.

Since then Truthers have denied the two are connected. I must be seeing things. Am I the only one who sees a great big ‘British 9/11 Truth Campaign’ banner advertisement and a donation box asking me to support the Campaign on the front page of

But what’s this?

Taken from:

Ian Neal’s recollections are different about where and how the final decisions about the forum would be taken. ‘By the Campaign committee’ was definitely agreed.

In their own words; both sites are controlled by a single group and will continue to be. Something we all knew but it’s great to see them admit it, even if it is in secret.

More tidbits bits from their closed meetings over the coming weeks.

Truthers Vs Indymedia

April 4, 2008

Straight from the horses mouth, a conspiracy group calling themselves ‘Truth Action’ have demanded all 9/11 truth activists hijack and turn global Indymedia web sites into “a tool for 9/11 truth”.

 The broadcast can be heard here

A self proclaimed spokesman for Indymedia and moderator of the ‘Truth Action’ forum, Chrisc, encourages other truthers to follow in his footsteps to turn Indymedia into a one-stop-shop for all things conspiracy. In reality this man is not a spokesman for Indymedia and is little more than a truth movement cheerleader.

The ‘Truth Action’ web site is strongly linked to the right wing Alex Jones satellite group ‘We are Change UK’ and other conspiracy groups who take part in what they call ’11th Day Truth Action’, where they pretend to be an activist for 1 day each month. The ‘activism’ usually involves handing out propaganda flyer’s and films while video taping themselves for exposure on You-Tube.

Numbers have been dwindling over recent months with most ’11th Day Action’ protests gaining support from just 2 or 3 dedicated converts.

Could this be the true motivation behind the truthers demands to seize control of Indymedia?

Is this a dying movement which refuses to go quietly and a last ditch attempt to save what has become an international joke?

‘British 911 Truth Campaign’ Mass Walk Out

April 2, 2008

I intend to step down as co-chair at the next AGM and it is my understanding that Annie and Justin, my fellow co-chairs and Belinda, campaign treasurer also intend to step down.” Writes Ian Neal.

With over half of the ‘British 911 Truth Campaign’ committee walking (or is that running?) from the mess they have created over the last 6 years, prepare yourself for another ego – fueled battle for the number one spot.

You would expect that lessons were learnt from past experiences but your average truther isn’t that smart. Instead, the majority of soon-to-be ex ‘Campaign’ committee members have another bright idea, forming a new group to make themselves more attractive to the anti-war movement.

The creation of a new web site ‘Make PovertyWar History’ and a sudden need to “Distance themselves from 9/11 truth” is raising suspicions about their motives. The more skeptical of you might assume that Annie Machon has been given a new brief; to once again infiltrate the anti-war movement.

This new campaign hopes to achieve its completely realistic goal and “End war by 2010”.

Hurrah! Finally we have a group prepared to end war!

One only has to wonder if they will be as successful as their last ambition to ‘create an independent investigation into the events of September Eleventh’.

Having thrown in the towel, they now set themselves the much simpler task of ending global war.

I swear this is not a joke.