About This Site

Instead of trying to reason with the “Truth” Movement and explain how they draw attention away from serious issues (how many of us have already tried this to no avail?), this web site will show you exactly how idiotic this movement can be.

Everything reported on this web site is factual – A philosophy the “Truth” Movement might want to adopt someday.

We also like to take the piss using usual aids, something we’re sure the truthers can relate to.

5 Responses to About This Site

  1. Meg Lee Chin says:

    So who is this like-minded soul who shares my skepticism toward the Highgate Hub?

  2. Truth Watch UK says:

    We’d like to publish your thoughts and emails on this site Meg, the way the Highgate Hub wankers treated you was a disgrace.

  3. Meg Lee Chin says:

    OK. That’s cool by me. They were open letters. But who is this?

  4. Al Murray says:

    Love the site, just wondered who was doing the photoshop stuff as it looks awful. I’d like to offer my services eh. You can’t get the staff these days.


    Alan Murray

  5. Truth Watch UK says:

    It would be great to have you on the team Al.

    Meg we cannot reveal who we are.

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