Truther Begs To Be Left Alone

We Are Change Truther muppet and “I’m a troofer, woops no I’m not, wait, yes I am”, Stefan S, has published a begging letter to the 9/11 Cult Watch team requesting they “cease slurring the group Make Wars History”.

Now we’ve been following 9/11 Cult Watch for some time and as far as I can tell they have never mentioned the Make Wars History cult on the Cult Watch Blog. And if the Cult Watch team have made comments elsewhere about the MWH cult, how dare Stef think he can tell them what they can and cannot comment on.

As you’d expect Stef’s statement is filled with contradictions.

First he states:

Your group has tried to imply that Make Wars History is a “new front” for 9/11 Truth, you suggest it is to make the group more saleable – it is nothing of the sort.

But continues to say:

A lot of members of the group also question the events of 9/11, this much is true. There is a very logical reason for this. As you well know (or should after years of single minded obsession with the group) 9/11 Truth is steadfastly against illegal aggressive wars as almost every sane person is. Having been continually insulted, shunned and briefed against by the “big” anti-war groups is it any surprise so many of us have got behind Chris Coverdale when he is willing to accept our support and work with us? Stop the War could have had this all along, but its hierarchy have made it more than clear that if you question the official story of 9/11 you are not welcome.

The attempt to turn anti-war activism into a pissing contest while attacking the Stop the War Colation isn’t going to do him any favours.

The MWH cult might have a new name but it shares the same mentality as the old cult. Of course it would, it’s run by the same people.

He desperately pleads:

Machon is just one of many people involved – leave the rest of us alone.

It seems this Truther is prepared to offer up Machon as a sacrificial lamb after spending years following her orders.

Maybe if Stef wasn’t spending so long organising meetings that are dominated by topics such as the Illuminati, Zionism and “9/11 Inside Job” his begging letter would be taken a little more seriously.

Stef has just exposed the cult’s desperate need for approval.

Thanks Stef, you’re making our job a lot easier.

UPDATE: Larry O’Hara and Paul Scott demolish Stef and make him look like the fool he is.


8 Responses to Truther Begs To Be Left Alone

  1. stefan78 says:

    So you aren’t willing to print responses from the people you happily lie about?

    Not very good form is it Anonymous?

    How about this – we meet and have a recorded debate? We can both record it to ensure neither party can be dishonest in the edit.

    I’m sure you have my email address, let me know what you think 😉


  2. Truth Watch UK says:

    Where have we lied? Name them. Prove us wrong. Yet more wild accusations with no evidence. Pathetic.

    Yes we are willing to debate you (once again) but we must meet in public and the meeting must be held in London.

    You may film it if you like.

    Whenever you’re ready Stefan.

  3. stefan78 says:

    When have you lied? Well name one meeting I’ve ever organised which had the subject matter of “the Illuminati” or “Zionism” for a starters… Your whole “Highgate Hub” conspiracy theory could be called a lie, or insanity, if I’m being generous.

    OK, I’m more than happy to debate. As I’ve said – you have my email – let’s organise it. In terms of recording somewhere quiet would be best – but we can have friends of yours and mine there to make it “public” if you like.

    I’ll look forward to your email.

    All the best,


  4. thetruthwatcher says:

    On one of your truther/nutter forums you call yourself “Organiser”, you have been involved with organising truther meetings have you not?

    You know who I am (just ONE member of Truth Watch UK) and I know who you are so lets not play this game.

    Other members of Truth Watch UK have been to your meetings as you well know, and we’ve seen which topics are on the table. We’ve even published truther emails where you lot admit to being anti-semitic and will be soon publishing the meeting minutes for the whole world to see.

    We’ll be in touch.

  5. stefan78 says:

    I don’t call myself “organiser” no, that’s the label I’ve been given by the forum administration as I’m still technically a member of the committee until the next AGM.

    That’s a bit of a tenuous leap to me organising anything to do with “Zionism” or “the Illuminati”; both subjects I personally consider to be flaky in the extreme, bordering on offensive at times with the former, as you well know. “Tennuous leap” is me being kind – most would call it a lie.

    I’m looking forward to you producing any evidence to back up your claims that I have “admitted to being anti-Semitic”, that I am “right wing” or that I have any interest in the “Illuminati”…

    See you soon.

    S x

  6. thetruthwatcher says:

    You’re a muppet.

    Are you not secretary of the 911 truth campaign? Are you denying this?

    We have attended YOUR meetings where topics such as zionism, the illuminati and the reptilian agenda have all been discussed.

    See our source material site for emails where people in your cult admit to being anti-semitic.

    You’re just as dumb as the no-planers and just as good at research. Muppet.

  7. stefan78 says:

    Try and maintain your diginity a little my friend, slipping into ad hominem isn’t doing you any favours.

    1) I’ve just written that, until the next AGM, I am indeed on the committee, so why claim I am trying to deny this in the next post?

    2) MY meetings? I’ve chaired one local London meeting, where we organised the first SOCPA Zone 11th of the month demo, and one public meeting, where Gordon Ross and Calum Douglas spoke.

    Let’s start making a list of things you’re going to “prove” at our meeting:

    1) I have organised meetings which deal with:
    a) Zionism
    b) Illuminati
    c) Reptilians
    2) I am an anti-Semite

    I’m expect evidence of any of the above or a withdrawl of the claims – failing that, the fact that you are a liar will be pretty much established.

    My topic of discussion for this meeting, by the way, will be YOUR conspiracy theory –

    i.e. The theory you peddle that the shadowy “Highgate Hub” is an MI5 front to de-rail the anti-war movement.

    You do realise this is an evidenceless conspiracy theory right?

    You should re-name your site “9/11 Truth Truth”, with the slogan “9/11 Truth Was An Inside Job”.

    Look forward to our meeting,

    S x

  8. thetruthwatcher says:

    Round and round we go. Repeating yourself will not get you fresh answers, see above. Tool.

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