Truthers Vs Indymedia

Straight from the horses mouth, a conspiracy group calling themselves ‘Truth Action’ have demanded all 9/11 truth activists hijack and turn global Indymedia web sites into “a tool for 9/11 truth”.

 The broadcast can be heard here

A self proclaimed spokesman for Indymedia and moderator of the ‘Truth Action’ forum, Chrisc, encourages other truthers to follow in his footsteps to turn Indymedia into a one-stop-shop for all things conspiracy. In reality this man is not a spokesman for Indymedia and is little more than a truth movement cheerleader.

The ‘Truth Action’ web site is strongly linked to the right wing Alex Jones satellite group ‘We are Change UK’ and other conspiracy groups who take part in what they call ’11th Day Truth Action’, where they pretend to be an activist for 1 day each month. The ‘activism’ usually involves handing out propaganda flyer’s and films while video taping themselves for exposure on You-Tube.

Numbers have been dwindling over recent months with most ’11th Day Action’ protests gaining support from just 2 or 3 dedicated converts.

Could this be the true motivation behind the truthers demands to seize control of Indymedia?

Is this a dying movement which refuses to go quietly and a last ditch attempt to save what has become an international joke?


4 Responses to Truthers Vs Indymedia

  1. J.Phillips says:

    I was reading something about “truther” characters like Captain May and Kevin Barrett at Indymedia. Then found a link to this blog:

    It seems that there is a very strong right wing element at play.

    However, I disagree with your assessment of that interview. Unless you have other citations, the people speaking appear to be what they claim to be: sincere activists who beliefs may be misinformed.

  2. Spandex says:

    Keep an eye on Chrisc over at Indymedia. He is a first class conspiracy looney toon.

    How these people can get their foot in the door at Indymedia is beyond me. A complete diservice to years of hardwork from decent and honest Indymedia contributors.

  3. […] take charge of their web development needs. Apparently the Campaign Secretary does not object to extremist behaviour. But oh wait! Souppouris appears to be a member of same cult as Chrisc. Now that explains […]

  4. Latitude says:

    Who is ChrisC, has any got anymore information about him? I’ve been on that truth action site (nuts!) and seen him post on indymedia. What’s up with that guy?!

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