11th Day Action (May)


2 Responses to 11th Day Action (May)

  1. Piggy wiggy says:

    What losers. Have you heard them harrassing Jane Standley? Clearly she is busy working on an important job and clearly they have nothing better to do except scratch their arses.

    Interesting that they have all this time to spare now all their lives and projects to harrass people are funded by the MI5 gang. The people they harrass are not even the lizards they claim are responsible for 911.

    I don’t even think they are aware they are being babysat!! Astonishing and blatent! TIME TO WAKE UP!!!! Research people research LOL!

  2. the_leander says:

    Research, loonspuds? BWhahahahahahah.

    No really, when was the last time legitimate research was actually ever done by these people – most of what they do seems to involve them joining a great circle jerk over their latest fantasy, possibly, but not always involving orbital weapons platforms, magical sideways cutting termites and pocket nukes…

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