‘British 911 Truth Campaign’ Mass Walk Out

I intend to step down as co-chair at the next AGM and it is my understanding that Annie and Justin, my fellow co-chairs and Belinda, campaign treasurer also intend to step down.” Writes Ian Neal.

With over half of the ‘British 911 Truth Campaign’ committee walking (or is that running?) from the mess they have created over the last 6 years, prepare yourself for another ego – fueled battle for the number one spot.

You would expect that lessons were learnt from past experiences but your average truther isn’t that smart. Instead, the majority of soon-to-be ex ‘Campaign’ committee members have another bright idea, forming a new group to make themselves more attractive to the anti-war movement.

The creation of a new web site ‘Make PovertyWar History’ and a sudden need to “Distance themselves from 9/11 truth” is raising suspicions about their motives. The more skeptical of you might assume that Annie Machon has been given a new brief; to once again infiltrate the anti-war movement.

This new campaign hopes to achieve its completely realistic goal and “End war by 2010”.

Hurrah! Finally we have a group prepared to end war!

One only has to wonder if they will be as successful as their last ambition to ‘create an independent investigation into the events of September Eleventh’.

Having thrown in the towel, they now set themselves the much simpler task of ending global war.

I swear this is not a joke.

One Response to ‘British 911 Truth Campaign’ Mass Walk Out

  1. Piggy wiggy says:

    ….or did you mean to end ‘Stop The War’ by 2010? That sounds more in line with the date…..and their politics…

    Maybe it’s a make Stop The War History campaign in disguise…?

    Just a thought…. 😉

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